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Tyler Wood,
Owner & Operator

Making Your Vision a Reality

I am a Helena native, born and raised. I grew up having a love for helping others and working with my hands, luckily, now I am able to combine those two things into a career that I love. After many years in law enforcement, I had the opportunity to help my brother build his house and fell in love with the idea of building something that created a home for a family to build their lives. I have spent my life surrounding myself with a wonderful support group of friends and family, especially my wife and best friend, Sammy. Everyone gave me all the encouragement I needed to follow my heart and start Brow Tine Property Services. Each day is a new adventure in what I can learn, do and accomplish for the Helena community. I enjoy the diversity of what I do since there is different task to complete each day and different people to meet along the way. Things like hanging cabinets one day, lawn care the next, building a deck to enjoy the summer sunshine, and building a home for someone to raise their family are a few of the things that we love providing for our clients. The best part of my day is helping the community that helped raise me.

Samantha Wood
Owner & Laborer

I am also a Helena native, born and raised. I grew up playing house and dreaming of ways to create a home, both for myself and others. Tyler and I have spent many years building up our own home for our family that we are raising. When we had the opportunity to start Brow Tine Property Services, I knew in my heart that it was the best choice for us. I have a passion for helping people make their dreams a reality and creating unique and personal projects that make a house a home. It amazes me how much I have learned through our experiences with Brow Tine Property Services and the Helena community. We are constantly taking on projects that fascinate me and fill my heart with joy because put simply, the projects help people. We pride ourselves on giving the same quality care to our clients that we would give ourselves. My favorite aspect of Brow Tine Property Services is how we are family owned and operated because it gives us the opportunity to feel like we are helping family and friends, not just clients.

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